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Xiaomi will be in stores soon as now Xiaomi is planning to launch its upcoming next smartphone Xiaomi Mi6. This phone will be out soon as it is going to be launched in the international market and if we go by the rumors then it will be the best smartphone of the year. Xiaomi which started with launching its products in few of the Asian countries has today become the third largest leading brand of smartphone producer today. Xiaomi Mi6 will be the best phone because of its premium quality design and budget that can be easily afforded by the customers. It is expected that Xiaomi Mi 6 is going to have some up gradations which will make it unique and different from other phones and also the price of the phone will be half of the price that is offered by its competitors like Apple, Samsung, LG etc.

Xiaomi Mi6

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi6:

Now coming to the most important part of Xiaomi Mi6 which is features of this smartphone. The expectations of the viewer are very high from the upcoming phone Xiaomi Mi6.

1. Display 5.0 inch
2. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core
3. OS Android v6.0 (Marshmallow OS)
4. RAM 4GB
5. Memory 16/32/64 GB with Micro SD Card Support
6. Battery 4130 mAh
7. Primary Camera 23 Megapixels
8. Secondary Camera 7 Megapixels
9. Price $450-500

Going by the rumors then Xiaomi this time is planning to launch this phone in the entire global market and with the amazing features this smartphone is worth waiting for.


Screen of Mi6

This time Xiaomi is finally going to come up with the screen of 5.0 inches or slightly more than this which is bigger than its previous launches. You will be getting a 4K screen and with a resolution of 4096*2160 which is the best.


Xiaomi Mi6 is going to have a qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core Processor which is a repetition but there will be enhancement in the speed of the phone because of 2.5-2.7 GHZ.


Well Xiaomi Mi6 is not going to disappoint you as if is offering you camera specifications like primary or back camera of 23 megapixels while secondary or front camera of 7 megapixels.


Display of Mi6

Well going by the rumors then Xiaomi is trying to come up with the glass at the back of the phone and will also have metallic body with some premium touch that will make it different from other phones like iPhones and Samsung.

Wireless Charging

There was some leak out the Xiaomi Mi6 as this phone will come with an integrated wireless charging that will charge your phone at a much higher speed which is you get 50% of your phone charged in less than 30 minutes.

Eye Scanner

After Xiaomi Mi5 having finger scanning feature so Xiaomi Mi6 has replaced the finger scanning feature with eye scanning feature.


Well the internal storage capacity of the phone will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB but the expendable memory of the phone will be the more than 128GB. Xiaomi Mi6 will be having two micro SD Card slots which mean that each slot will be of 128GB making a total of 258GB phone.

Other Features

Xiaomi Mi6 will be having Corning Gorilla Glass 4, USB faster charging this phone will be waterproof other typical sensors like compass, barometer, gyro, HR and other features may be.

Release Date of Xiaomi Mi6:

Release Date of Xiaomi Mi6

This time Xiaomi Mi6 is planning to tap in the US market as well and it is expected that Xiaomi will launch Mi6 in June 2016. Firstly the phone will be launched in China then followed in Korea, Japan and India release date will be followed by US, UK, Germany, Canada and in other parts of the world.

Price of Xiaomi Mi6:

Well the price of the phone will be very high but according to the rumors the price of  Xiaomi Mi6 is expected to fall down.

Country  Price of Xiaomi Mi6
UK US $399
China 2012 Chinese Yuan
India 27000 IND (approx)

Well the above projected specifications, release date and price of the Xiaomi Mi6 are expected and there can be some variations.

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