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Microsoft Windows 10 has been launched and so do the Windows Media Player download for pc is now available. Windows has evolved way-back from early ninety’s to what we see today the all new Windows Media Player 12. Windows Media Player has actively been a part of windows throughout their different versions. It has served millions of computers running windows as a source of entertainment on their desktop. Watching movies, live streaming different channels, listening radios and almost all media format it supports to serve your player needs. Window media player is regarded as one of the oldest application of worldwide popular operating system. It is designed by the media lovers to serve those who loves playing music, videos, movies, radios and in fact streaming live channels that we love the most.  It has gained a tremendous popularity as windows flourished throughout the globe. Being delivered as default media player in Windows operating system, it has evolved and now available with tons of features to engage you. Windows Media Player has been designed to deliver the best media experience you can get while enjoying your favorite movies or music.

windows media player 12

Features of Windows Media Player Download:

Here are the exclusive features that you getting in all new windows media player, when you download this latest version from the link given below –

  • Make it Yours: Now you can customize all most everything that you see on player with easily installed skins, visualizations, and plug-ins for a new look and extra features.
  • Internet Radio: Forget about days of running radio on browser with limited experience. Now with this latest windows media player you can listen to streaming radio stations from around the block and around the world with Windows Media Guide.
  • Visualizations: Watch shapes and colors dance to the beat of the music.
  • Get Help: Find help and how-to information for your version of the Player—learn about the features and solve problems.
  • No more installing codecs: Now latest windows media player plays almost every media format from 3GP, AAC, AVCHD, MPEG-4, WMV, and WMA to existing AVI, DivX, MOV, and Xvid files with inbuilt support for mostly all popular audio and video formats.

How to Windows Media Player download for PC?

Windows Media Player is available for Windows and Windows Phone operating systems wether Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or the latest Windows 10. You can also see the various windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for your media player. However the latest version windows media player 12 is already inbuilt with the Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Incase you still don’t got this latest windows media player download is available for your operating system. One can also enhance its functionality be downloading the windows media player feature pack. For windows media player download, you need to go to the official Microsoft Windows page or simply from this link Windows Media Player download (official) and follow the instructions as mentioned on the page.

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