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Microsoft has launched the Windows 10, it has created a buzz among the people about it and all the globe is discussing what is windows 10 like? How it is working on it? Is it better than previous windows version? well, for this I will say first use it then say it! With this article of mine I have come up with the Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts that will enable you to handle your device in a more easier and quicker way. Instead of going through a longer way of operating an application I have come up with the most efficient way of operating an application.

Well what are Keyboard shortcuts? Keyboard shortcuts are very important as keyboard shortcuts keys makes the use of operating applications on your device more efficiently. Well these keyboard shortcut keys save your lots of time. That’s why like Microsoft has come up with keyboard shortcut keys in other Windows version, it has also released a cheat sheet for Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts.

keyboard shortcut for windows 10

keyboard shortcuts for windows 10

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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts at Glance:

This is not the first time when Microsoft has come up with the keyboard shortcuts as every Windows version that has been launched by Microsoft has been also accompanied by the keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl -V is used forpaste and Ctrl-C is used to Copy in Windows 7. Microsoft has released a 3 page word document that consist of 42 keyboard shortcuts for the Windows 10 version. There is a list of the most important Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts that you will be needing in your daily routine work –

  • Windows Key + comma – Peek at the desktop
  • Windows key + the left or right arrow keys – Snap application windows to one side of the display or the other.
  • Windows Key + M – Minimize all open windows and go to the desktop.
  • Windows Key + D – Switch between Show Desktop (hides/shows applications) and the previous state.
  • Windows Key + ? – Launch the Windows Feedback App.
  • Windows Key + Home – Minimizes Active Window. Second use will Restore the active window.

keyboard shortcuts for windows 10


As I said Microsoft has launched a 3 page word document of keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10, but above I have discussed only the most important. You can download all 42 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts from the link given below –

Download Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts

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