How To View Your Location History in iPhone

iPhone, a phone desire by everyone in the entire world and is known for hundreds of interesting feature, amazing camera and for the beauty. Do you know that you can also access your location history in iPhone? Yes, if you have an iPhone, then you can trace and track the places you have been. There is more, if you do not want that anyone access to your private and confidential data then you can also erase your location history.

How To Find Location History in iPhone

Below are the instructions given to know how to view the location history in iPhone. Now get access to the places you visited recently with the map pinpointing it in your iPhone. These instructions works properly in each and every iPhone.

Step 1 – Go to the Setting option from the main menu.

location history in iOS 10

Step 2 –  Open the setting icon and choose Privacy.

iPhone location history

Step 3 – Just tap on Privacy and you will find Location services. ‘On’ the location services.

location history

Step 4 – When you scroll down the tab Location services, you will find system services at the bottom.

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Step 5 – Now you need to on the system services.


Step 6 – Choose Frequent Locations, this option you will find at the bottom. Just on the frequent location.

location history in iphone

Step 7 – Now in the frequent locations, you get option of History, click on it and get your entire history.

location history

Step 8 – If you think that, this can hamper your privacy, then there is option of Clear history. Tap on the option and your location history in iPhone will get wiped out.

I hope this article has helped you in tracking your location history in your iPhone. If you do not want this feature, just turn off the frequent location. Now your iPhone no longer track your location history.

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