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Social bookmarking is plays a very important role in search engine optimization for making any website public. The concept behind the social bookmarks on any social media site is that they not only increase the traffic on your website but also gets new readers and customers. The concept of social bookmarks is an area of concern when we talk about search engine optimization and link building. Through such kind of bookmarkings you can easily reach your potential customers and your website easily gets penetrated among the users and catches tremendous amont of traffic  to your website.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

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How Social Bookmarking Helps in SEO?

Here are some of the advantages of why social bookmarks are an important part of SEO building strategy.

  1. Targeted and Niche Traffic : There are majority of social media websites that have created communities in which people with similar interest can share there comments or interest. So it is very easy to select any community depending upon the interest an demographics. Through these niche communities you can easily get loyal readers or customers. People always like to visit your site through these bookmarks that would like to see what you have offered or what you want to say.
  2. Helps in Fast indexing in Google : Getting indexing in Google can might take a day or even more than that depending on the crawling frequency of your site. If you have linked a post on a website that has high crawling frequency than it will definitely get you indexed on the search engine results as it will get you indexed on social bookmarks website.
  3. DO-Follow links : DoFollow links play a very vital role in catching traffic to your website and earning revenues to your site. There are many Social Bookmarking site which allow you to have do-follow links like Digg, Diigo, Scoop, etc.
  4. Improve Page rank : One of the factor that is considered is Google PR it counts all the links that are coming from high and reputated domains.

Social bookmarkings has many other advantages and one can only reap out those benefits only when special attention is payed on SEO leading to better Google search engine rank and also increases traffic on your website.

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