How To Protect Android Phone from Hacking? – Solved

How to Protect Android Phone from Hacking problem?

If you’re looking to protect android phone from hacking problem, then you are not alone. Many users have reported hacking problem with the android and app updates to Marshmallow and latest version. If you are also facing the same problem, don’t worry as this solution might fix your hacking problem in android phones.

Recently, with so many gadgets got hacked from ransomeware virus 2017, you need to be more secure. You need to take necessary steps to protect your phone from evolved hackers. Today more than 50 percent of the population of entire world is using smartphone. And the most popular operating system running on these smartphone is Android operating system. However, a couple of years ago a research was made, in which it is found that Android OS is the most hacking prone operating system. Hacking problem in android phones have made it the most attacked & vulnerable operating system in the world.

If you are not careful, losing your smartphone means not only your contacts or numbers will lost but also your intimate photos, conversations, important document files, passwords, etc. The worst part is, it could be shared on World Wide Web.

Well, there is no need to worry. Also you need not to switch to other operating systems. You can make your simple android phone to encrypted android phone. All you need to do is, carefully go through the article which provides you with 10 simple steps to protect android phone from hacking.

In addition, you need not be proficient in IT or expert on smartphones. Now, you can secure your private and confidential data whenever you give your phone to others. Your phone is yours only unless you yourself do not share your data, information or media with others. So, let’s get started.

protect android phone from hacking

Fix to protect android phone from hacking

Here are the 10 most effective steps to secure and protect android phone from hacking by the hackers. Just apply this fix with all these steps and get tension free about your confidential data and privacy. You may face some unintentional glitches due to bad code that we will help to alleviate. It just takes some operating system troubleshooting.

1. Lock your Phone

screen lock

Locking your phone immediately after use is one of the measure to protect your data and privacy. In each and every smartphone, there is setting icon, where you get option of security or locks phone.

Just go to this option and set password  for your phone. You can either set a password, pattern, PIN or face lock, choice is all yours. Also make sure that you change your password after regular interval of a week or two. This results in higher security.

Now days, numerous android phone security apps are easily available.  All you need to download any lock app, select the apps that you want to lock and save the settings. It can help you to fix hacking problem in android phones to great extent

Now whenever you open the locked app, it will ask for password. So even of you are giving your phone to your friends for calling or gaming purpose, they won’t be able to go through your private and confidential information.

2. Do not Save Password on Online service sites

Today is the area of digitization. And to become a part of digitized world, we do our most of things online whether it is about making payments, transferring money, shopping or recharge. And for doing all these, we have to share our important passwords related to our bank. Well, this is safe till you do not save your password. Whenever you make payments or register yourself in some website they ask for to save your password. So whenever, this option pops up in your phone just click on ‘No’ or ‘Never’.

If you save your passwords, and suppose someone get his or her hand on your android phone, it could results in not only hacking of your private and confidential data but also results in losses to you. Hence avoid saving your important passwords on online sites and save yourself and your android phone from being hacked.

3. Install apps before making proper inquiry

Friends, today there are lots of apps and games available in the market. What we do, before making a proper inquiry about the app. Always download and install the apps from manufacturer’s store. There are lots of websites available which provides you with the option of downloading and installing the apps, however these sites can even get access to your data and other confidential information. So, always go for the official app store’s as they provide kind of reliability and authenticity and hence considered safer platforms to install apps like Google Play store.

Also before installing the app, make sure that you check app’s permission. If the app access to your personal information, do not install it or completely deny the installation of the application.

4. Delete Text Messages from unknown sources about your information

Toady hackers become so smart that they sent texts or messages on your number which appear like they are sent from your bank or your other trusted sources. First of all, when you come across such messages, without even giving them a single thought just delete them. In some messages or texts, there are also links attached. Never click such links as whenever you click on such links it will result in installation of malware on your phone.

One more important thing, nowadays, people also received messages such as your number has win so and so amount of money or you have won an iPhone, just sent your bank details or credit details. Never reply to such messages or texts. These are just fake messages in order to attract your attention and get your essential and confidential information.

5. Secure your Network while using the Public domain Network

protect wifi network

Well, whenever we get the chance of using a free Wi – Fi, we become so excited that we start using it without thinking of having a single thought about the harmful effects of it. So, while using any public network Wi-Fi, make sure that first your protect your Wi-Fi network. And friends never do any bank related transactions in public domain network as hackers can easily hack all the important and useful information. Well, there are various apps available in the market which provides the encryption of your outgoing connection such as Hideninja, VPN, SecDroid etc.

Also do not share your own network with anyone. Put on the password so that none can get access to your network and your privacy and data remain secured.

6. Create Multiple Account for multiple users

Create multiple user account

Creating multiple account for different user is one of the most effective method to protect android phone from hacking. Android operating system provide the users to create a multiple account for different users which ensures the privacy of each and every user that are using your phone. Create separate account for your spouse, kid and yourself and enjoy the higher privacy.

And the most interesting part is you can create multiple accounts in all the android based operating system including Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. Just go to Settings>Users.

7. Always Keep up with Technological Advancement

Today technology is changing like anything. Within seconds, the newer technology is getting obsolete. So, it is always good to keep up with the technological advancements that are going. Always look for security updates so you always remain one step ahead from the hackers. There are many vulnerability checker apps that look for vulnerability issues and at the same time also repair them.

8. Save your data or Back up Data

Always keep a back up your data. And when it comes to your personal photos, make sure that you transfer them to your laptop or desktop. So even if your phone get lost, your photos remain safe. So, whenever you click photos with your phone, do not forget to transfer them on daily basis. So if your phone get lost and if you have to wipe out your data, you have the back up of all your data.  So either save your data on Cloud, laptop, desktop or in a flash drive, the choice is all yours.

9. Don’t trust everything on Internet

Before surfing any website, downloading or installing anything, do read everything about it. Do not trust everything blindly on the internet. There are websites that uses your cookies to get your latest searches and other information. So before downloading any app or looking any website, make sure that they are not creating an issue with your privacy. Always have some research before downloading anything on your android smartphone.

10. Wipe out all your data

This step I like the most, as using this measure you can laugh over the hackers or thief who have stolen your smartphone. Do you know how to secure android phone from theft? No, here is the answer. When you are sure that your android phone is lost forever, then there is one interesting feature with which you can wipe out all the data that is stored in your phone. A phone can be bought again but loosing personal data can result in creating lots of problems for you.

There are apps such as 3CX Mobile Device manager app with which you can wipe out all your data from your phone and have a last laugh over the hacker or thief who is thinking of using your phone.

So, friends, I hope this article helped you to fix hacking problem and secure to protect android phone from hacking. Follow all these steps and have a tension free life even of your phone is lost or get theft.

You can also try fixing it with updating it to bug free versions . Most people have reported that they got it fixed using this update. Do not forget ever – A phone can be bought again but your privacy is your priority.

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