Procedure To Receive Adsense Payment by Wire Transfer in India

 Hey friends, there’s a good news for all the publishers in India who have their Google Adsense account and receives Adsense Payment. Now, Publishers in India do not have to wait for 2 to 3 months to receive cheque of their earnings. Now, Google is paying Indian Publishers their Adsense payment by Wire Transfer directly to their Bank Accounts. Google has adopted the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) program to improve Adsense payments for all the publishers. Electronic Funds Transfer  is an instant mode of payment credited directly to your Bank Account. So, I have come with simple and precise steps or procedure To Receive Adsense Payment by Wire Transfer in India.

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Adsense Payment by Wire Transfer

 Procedure To Receive Adsense Payment by Wire Transfer in India

Step 1: Sign into your Adsense Account.

Step 2: Move the cursor to the Gear Icon and Tap the Payment Option.

Adsense Payment by Wire Transfer

Step 3: Click on the Payment Setting,towards the left.

Step 4: Click on Add new Form of Payment.

Step 5: Select Fund Transfer To Bank Account and click on  it.

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Step 6: Now fill your Bank Account details such as Bank account number, Name of the account holder, SWIFT code, Bank name, IFSC code and Tap Save button.

Adsense Payment by Wire Transfer

How To Fill each text box of the form?

Account Holder Name: In Account Holder box, you are required to write your name and it should match with the name in the bank records.

Bank Name: In the column Bank name you are required to write the name of the bank in which you hold your account. The name of the bank should be properly written. Example: Punjab National Bank not PNB.

IFSC Code: IFSC Code consist of the branch code in  which your account is. You can get the IFSC code of all the bank of India from here

SWIFT Code: SWIFT code facilitates a bank to receive international payments through wire transfer. you can get the SWIFT Code of all the banks of India from here

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Account Number: In Account Number Column you have to fill you bank account number in which you want to receive the payment.

That’s all we need to do to enable Wire Transfer Payment in your Adsense Account. It is a one time process, you have to give this detail only once to Google Adsense, after that you will receive your Adsense Payment directly into your account.



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    Nice Valuable Article. Thanks for Sharing.

    IFSC can also be used in the time of buying mutual funds or insurance through Net Banking. As the National Clearing Mobile of Reserve Bank of India monitors all transactions, IFS Code helps RBI to keep a track of different transactions and execute fund transfer with no hassle.
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