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OnePlus is a newly launched company that is a revolution in itself as being a new company it never did excessive of promotions but has still reached the maximum audience. OnePlus from its first launch wanted to be an international brand but still had lower production capacity that act as a challenge for the company. They also used different and unique strategies for promoting their products and adopted new strategies and channels for selling their Smartphone. When OnePlus One was firstly introduced in the market then the number of units sold was near about 5 million but the management of the company predicted that the actual sale would 7 times of the actual sale of the phone. Then they launched OnePlus Two that was also very powerful phone and had reached millions of customers now finally this company is planning to launch a new phone OnePlus 3 this year which will be the better then the previously launched smartphones.

Well if I say it this way that OnePlus 3 will take away all the needs of buying the PC as it is designed such that it perform similar to PC. OnePlus 3 is going to be the most powerful has it will be having an integrated projector in it also will be having wireless connectivity with the screen, mouse, keyboard and speaker on just a single click. Well now technology is changing very rapidly so don’t get amazed seeing all these feature in just one phone. As different people are coming up with new updates or rumors about what all features will the OnePlus 3 phone will comprise of. The level of expectation of the people has risen higher after seeing the previously launched phones. So every now then we get to hear a number of rumors from different people about the OnePlus 3 phone. Apart from all the rumors about OnePlus 3 smartphones here are some of the features that are expected to be in this smartphone.

OnePlus 3

Specifications of OnePlus 3 :

So here are some of the specifications that we will get to see the latest upcoming smart phone OnePlus 3 that will make this phone worth waiting for and also worth buying for.

1. Display 5.5 inch
2. Processor Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810
3. OS Android v6.0 (Marshmallow OS)
4. RAM 3GB, 4GB
5. Memory 16GB, 64GB
6. Battery 4000 mAh
7. Primary Camera 13 Megapixels
8. Secondary Camera 5 Megapixels
9. Price $500 USD

Some of the general expectations of the society and general features indeed in OnePlus 3 to give good competition to its competitors are:


Well this feature is not currently that popular like other connectivity methods but still it was a kind of a big omission in OnePlus 2 smartphone and we hope that we will see it back in again in OnePlus 3 phone.

Fast Charging

Well this is one of the features that is now a day available in every second phone even though this feature was absent in OnePlus 2 but still be hope that it will be there in the OnePlus 3.

Finger Print Scanning

Well finger print scanning has become a necessary feature that is incorporated in the smart phones. Though this feature was already there in OnePlus 2 but the rate of its accuracy was comparatively low and took a lot of time. So we expect that this time in OnePlus 3 this feature is going to be faster and accurate.

Integrated Projector

Well with the latest upcoming phone OnePlus 3 we can expect that it is going to have an integrated projector inside the phone that will help you using projector anytime and anywhere. And the size of the screen will be 32 inches which is a really big screen.

QHD Screen

Well the resolution of the screen is 1080×1920 5.5 Inches and along with this it has QHD screen in it which makes the visuals crystal clear and consumes less power and gives comparatively less strain to the eyes.

Battery Life

The battery life of OnePlus 3 will be higher as they have installed a battery of 4000mAh which is good and which will not get drained off easily.

Wireless Charging

Now a day wireless charging is a very competitive feature that is there in the phone so we can expect that OnePlus will finally use this technology in its next upcoming phone OnePlus 3.

Finger Print Scanner

Price of OnePlus 3

Even though OnePlus tries to price the minimum they could for there phones and the prices that they charge are comparatively affordable by the customers. So now we are assuming that the price of OnePlus 3 will vary or may remain same in different countries so now let’s try to figure out what will be the price of this beautiful smartphone in your country.

Price in UK 260£
Price in US $420
Price in China 2550 Yuan
Price in India 26,500 Rs
Price in Russia 26000 Ruble
Price in HongKong 3200 HKD
Price in Malaysia  1600 MYR
Price in Indonesia 5400000 Rupiah (Indonesian)
Price in Singapore 570 Dollar ( Singapore)
Price in Europe 450 Euro


OnePlus 3 Release Date

Well OnePlus is going to launch OnePlus 3 in July 2016 in Indonesia, Singapore, Europe, Russia, India, HongKong, Malaysia, UK, US and China and in several other countries as well.

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