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There are 2 most important factors in search engine optimization i.e., On-page SEO and OFF page SEO. The On-page SEO basically deals with initial analysis of the blog and blog optimization before the blog is published on the internet. It is very important to pay 100% attention on your on-page SEO which I personally do with my blogs. The biggest advantages of the on-page SEO is that it brings natural traffic to your blog which bring more revenues then any other source of earning.

On Page SEO Tips

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Best On Page SEO Tips

  • Select best Keyword for your Blog

The most important factor while doing on-page SEO is the use of correct keyword. As we know that keyword play a very crucial role in SEO of the blog. Basically keywords are the important terms on which the SEO works. Use of right keywords are like the use of right ingredients of the food without which food cannot be cooked. Similarly for the success of the website it is very important to use correct SEO. If you have selected the right, correct keyword then half of your work is already done.

While selecting keyword the chances of conversion are very high with long or key-phrases. As the search volume for a particular be low but it is ranked higher and easily gets converted as your potential customers always use right keyword to find desired result.

  • Create eye catching title tags and Meta description

As titles that are more eye catching have more chances of attracting target customers into your blog. As the catchy title always create curiosity in the mind of customers to check what is inside the blog or what is the blog al about. Some of the most widely used words inorder to create a title eye catching are mystery  solved, Top tips, is it spam?, disclosed, revealed, discovered, how to, why etc. Meta descriptions are equally important when we talk about on-page SEO tips and tricks. As you know when your pages are displaced on the search engine as the result of the users enquiry then it display only the title and meta description due to which chances of getting clicks on your website increases leading to increase in traffic.

  • Quality Content

Google always looks and loves the blogs that have quality content meaning the content that has enough content to meet the hunger of the users. The average size of the post is expected to be between 500-750 words. According to my research that I did on web I reached to a conclusion that the top ranked posts have more than 1500 words in there posts which means that Google loves posts that have high quality content in it.

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  • Include images with alt tag

The blogs or the post must atleast one image in it with an alt tag that has the keyword in it. Majority of the time our post get most of its traffic due to the image that you have added to your post. As the images are also listed and ranked on the search engine. So it is very important to add images in the post with all the necessary and correct alt tags and image description.

  • Title of the post in H1 tag and use of fonts 

Make sure there is a proper use Title H1 and content font setting and most important it must include the keyword. It is also important to make use of other sub headings like H2, H3 and H4 tags.  It is very important to use selected keywords in titles as well using proper fonts like italic, bold, underlined.

  • Interlink different articles

It is another important step on-page SEO inorder to increase page views.  The reason behind this interlinking is that due to these the Google crawler get more pages to crawl on your website. Due to which it becomes easy to switch between different posts and blogs.

  • Share it in social media sites

Once you are done with the publishing of the post it is very important to utilise the power of social media meaning sharing it on social media and mainly on Google plus networks. If you have shared your post on any social site that it will help in faster indexing.


Well these are the one of the best tips on-page SEO for better ranking and also increasing traffic on your website.

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