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Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade is rolling out to millions of computers throughout the globe soon after its release. People are inquisitive to experience the new Windows 10 on their devices for its features & design. It has been reported that nearly 80 million PC’s have already got Windows 10 upgrade. Now if you still waiting for upgrade notification, then just kill out this wait as now you can download Windows 10 (which requires nearly 3 Gb download) and upgrade your existing windows easily. One must also note that Microsoft has released this Windows 10 upgrade for PCs and tablets only. For Windows smartphones it is still not available as they had declared to provide free Windows 10 Mobile upgrade tentatively near November or December this year.

windows 10 upgrade

How to Upgrade to Windows 10:

Just follow the steps mentioned below to upgrade to Windows 10 without standing in a queue or waiting for getting notification of update from Windows.

Step 1: Back up all your files and data as incase if any error during installation or failure, then it may result in loss of your data. So this step is crucial while upgrading. Most people forget to backup data from their desktop, and usually data on desktop reflects data on that drive where your existing windows is installed. So make sure you have taken backup of your data carefully before going for Windows 10 upgrade.

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Step 2: After you had successfully taken backup of your data, now you need to open the Microsoft Windows 10 download link given below –

Download Microsoft Windows 10

On mentioned above link, it will take you to official Microsoft Windows 10 download page on a new tab of your browser.

Step 3: Just check the windows version you are running. Windows version means wether you running 32 bit version or 64 bit version of windows on your existing operating system. To verify this all you need to do is just Right Click on the MyComputer icon on the start menu and then click on properties. You will get screen as shown below in picture.

windows version

You will come to know your existing windows version from the Properties screen. If you are running the 32 bit version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, thendownload the 32 bit tool. If not 32 version, and you are running 64 bit version, then download the 64 bit tool.

Step 4: Now run the tool you downloaded in Step 3 on your computer. Select Upgrade your PC option. On selecting this option it will start to download Windows 10. When it has completed downloading Windows 10, it will ask you for following three options –

  1. Keep Personal Files & Apps
  2. Keep Personal Files Only
  3. Nothing

You need to select the first option (i.e. Keep Personal Files & Apps). On selecting this option, it ensures that new upgrade will keep all your personal files and applications. Windows 10 upgrade will start installing on your device with complete customizations and processing. Hence, your computer will successfully upgraded to Windows 10 without waiting for your notification or standing in a queue by applying this smarter way.

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