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A keyword is very important for increasing the rank of your blog or website. By using the best keyword research tool, you can select those keywords or phrases which have better conversion ratio. So, it is always in your interest to do a proper research by using the keyword tool to find the best keyword before start writing any content on your website or blog.

Keyword tool to find best keyword

Keyword tool to find best keyword

There are mainly three types of keyword patterns used in Google search. They are short tail keywords, medium tail keyword and long tail keywords. For example – keyword that can be used for “making money”

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  • Short tail keyword – Making Money
  • Medium tail keyword – Making Money online
  • Long tail keyword – Making Money online using Google Adsense.

So, you must use long tail keywords as people always like to search for specific topic only and  they got the relevant information by using it.

Benefits of using Long tail keywords in Content Marketing:

  • Long tail keywords are often used by people as they are used to get the information regarding the specific topic and provides the relevant information.
  • It provides more conversion ration as it gives the targeted traffic.
  • Long tail keywords can be ranked easily and with less efforts in search engines.

 Keyword tool to find the best Keyword for Websites:

Keyword tool to find best keyword

Keyword tool to find best keyword

Now you would be thinking how one can say that this is the best keyword tool to find the best keyword, then here is the answer. Best Keyword tool is one which is easy to use, consumes less time and give 100% results. So, in  my point of viewLong tail pro keyword tool is the best one. Long tail pro keyword tool has been developed by Spencer Haws to boost keyword searches and help online businesses to find the targeted keyword and create online campaigns. This keyword tool generate thousands of keywords within seconds. Basically Long tail pro generates more than 800 keywords by using the data from the Google Keyword tool.

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Feature of Long Tail Pro Keyword Tool that makes it Best:

  • It found out the long tail keywords from the seed keyword. Example – Making money – a seed keyword, whereas making money online using Google Adsense – Long tail keyword.
  • It compare the results in terms of average CPC, volume of local searches, level of competition(high, medium or low)
  • It analyses the competitor website for any keyword using the Competitor analysis module.

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Well that’s all!!! this was the brief description about the which is the best keyword tool to find the best keyword for websites. Go for Long tail pro keyword tool and use these keywords while writing the content of your website and better your conversion ratio.

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