How to update Android OS To Newer version on your Smartphone or Tablet

One stop tutorial to get your gadget updated to the latest version of Android

To get the maximum performance from your android smartphone or tablet, it is necessary that you keep your device updated it to the latest version of the software. Every year, this life changing and addicting software gets updated to the more advanced version to keep up with the capability, accessibility and finally more loaded features to enhance your experience to its users. So, here is the complete guide for how to update android os on your device.

Android has been coming up with the newer version every year, since its launch in year 2008 with the Alpha model. We saw a lot of efforts by the android developers to take this software to the new heights in very next year with subsequent releases of their updated version delivering Beta, Cupcake, Donut and Eclair in the year 2009.

Android KitKat Update

Android KitKat Update in 2013

With the movement to Eclair version, android developers again in the year 2010, came up with the Froyo and Gingerbread which attracted the masses at large. Then, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich released in 2011, still comprises 13.5% of the android devices using this version. Jelly Bean which was introduced in 2013 takes the heavy belt with about 56.5% of the android devices using this version of android even after Kitkat.

The most important part that android introduced their KitKat in September 2013, after almost a year people still preferring to operate on older version rather updating to the newer version of Android KitKat comprising only 17.9% of the total cake.

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To me what really makes sense in updating to the newer version is not just about getting faster speed of working, lesser bugs etc, but the amazing features you get on every updated version like Jelly Bean, KitKat with power saving tools, multiple accounts, smarter caller IDs, longer battery life and much more.

The best part about android update is that you need not to search your data cable or make connections with your PC, but just need a working mobile data or a WiFi network to get connected, with just a press of update, you will be all set to migrate to the newer version on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the latest features on your same device.

How to check your Android gadget is running an updated version or not ?

To check you using the latest version of android on your device, you need to tap your screen to know so in the settings area. For that you need to search for the Software Information on your device. Software Information is useful in revealing which version of Android your device is using by checking the Android Versionjust above the Baseband version. Just match your version with the latest version, if it not matches then go ahead for updating to the newer version.

android version update

In above you can see its running android version 4.1.2 which is a Jelly Bean, but the latest android version is Android 4.4 KitKat. Hence it requires to be updated to the newer version of android.

How to update Android OS on your smartphone or tablet: 6 Step Guide

Step One (#1)

Before going for update, our first step must be to back up all our contacts and photos of our device. It is better to have a backup even though doing update do not affect any of such files, but one step puts us in safer side.

Step Two (#2)

Now in the second step, just tap your screen to navigate to the setting options of your smartphone or tablet. Setting option is usually a spanner logo which is available in notification bar in most android devices like in Samsung, Motorola etc, else you can get that in the apps menu.

android updateWhen the notification bar floats down then as shown in below photo you can see the setting icon, just tap this icon to reveal the settings list of the android device.

setting menu

Step Three (#3)

Then in the settings menu, you just need to navigate down to “About Phone” by scrolling down then tap the button to get the information of about the phone and its android software.

about device

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Step Four (#4)

Then on tapping on about device, you will be getting a button named “Software Update”. Just click on that button for updating your device. In this menu only below Software Update you can get the android version running on your device.

Software Update

Step Five (#5)

After clicking on the software update, you will be getting options of Update, Auto Update etc.  Just tap on the Update option again.

Android L update

Step Six (#6)

The final screen you will be getting is of all the available updates for your smartphone or tablet. Just check the buttons of the available updates, then press update now. Some information might be slightly different depends on the manufacturer to manufacturer as in Nexus, most of the updates are automatically made to the device. So, That’s it ! After the successful completion of downloading your updated version of android will be automatically installed on your device.

The next coming update for the Android is Android L, which soon would be made available for the android users. If any problems or comments feel free to share us below.

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