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Looking for the Facebook Customer Care Service Number in order to file your complaints or tell your problems that you are facing while using Facebook ? As this social networking site is used by its user for free of cost then it is obvious that there will be whole number of problems that the users will be facing. And the one of the other drawback of this social networking site is that the creator’s of this site have not given Facebook Customer Care Service Number that is one of the problem that the users are looking for everywhere. So through this article i will provide you the Facebook Customer Care Service Number through which you can easily file all your complaints.

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Facebook Customer Care Service Number

Facebook Customer Care Service Number

Its 21st century and almost all of us have become technogeek. Every one loves to get socialised but actually none of us like to walk out of our safe zones to meet our friends. Now almost all of us want to text everything or want to share every update of our life with our friends. Want to capture every moment and share it with our friends and family. And this problem has been solved because of the social networking sites.

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And we talk about the social networking site the first name that comes in my mind is Facebook worlds second largest social networking site. Facebook is site that doesn’t require any kind of introduction and explanation. Facebook has provided a large amount of platform to meet new people and share photos, videos, chatting with friends. As it has been used by almost all of us to get socialised. As we know that it was developed within the Harvard University for just getting connected with friends. But know one knew not even its creators that one day it will be used by every one from every corner of the world.


 Facebook Customer Care Service Number

Facebook Customer Care Service Number

Need of Facebook Customer Care Service Number

As we know that Facebook is free to download and its use is like chatting, sharing photos, making profile, downloading images, video chats and lot many other features are available for free. Any thing that is available let it be natural or man-made has its own pros and cons. As there is saying “Nothing Is Perfect”  & so is this Facebook.

There are majority of issues that arises while using our Facebook account. Many a time we suffer problems have our profile getting hacked or many a time a regular using profile gets deactivated automatically on its own, some time there is problem in accessing our own account and many a time they lock our account because they think that somebody is trying to get into our account and one of the biggest problem that we face is that you cannot permanently delete your account.

Here is the Facebook Customer Care Service Number so that you can easily shoot complaint on the issues that you are going through.

“Facebook Customer Care Service Number is 650-543-4800.”

So now you can call freely on this toll free number of  Facebook Customer Care Service to get solution of your problems.

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