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Thinking of how to get good quality high PR backlinks? As we all know how backlinks are important while working on SEO of the post and still search engine favour high PR web 2.0 site is one of the form of backlinks. High PR Web 2.0 sites still play very important role in link building process when we talk about search engine optimization and also about online marketing of your sites. But actually the troubles comes for the newbie’s to catch high PR backlinks but web 2.o site helps them to follow if done sincerely. The best techniques most widely used are getting high PR backlinks from Blog commenting sites, High PR Web 2.0 sites, High PR Social Bookmarking, High PR web directory submission and guest blogging on reputed websites who offerquality backlinks with good referral traffic.

High PR Web 2.0 sites

High PR Web 2.0 sites

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Benefits of posting at High PR Web 2.0 sites

  • You can easily submit your post in web 2.0 which is a very simple and easy to control just go for do-follow link backlink for lifelong.
  • Sites with high web 2.0 assure you high authority for domain and backlinks from such websites will have good SEO value.
  • If post are published on web 2.0 then it is observed that a good amount of traffic comes in your website and also get good amount of referral traffic on your site.
  • Even many web 2.0 sites give you an opportunity to earn revenues even like Hubpages and Squidoo.

Guide to High PR web 2.0 sites for getting backlinks

You just need to create a post and just post it in the web 2.o site. The post once published here will be there for the lifelong period until no changes are made on it. Now the search engines will search your post and rank or index them accordingly. Building backlinks with high PR in web 2.0 is slow process but it will help in rank improvement.

List of High PR Web 2.0 Sites for SEO Link building backlinks

High PR Web 2.0 sites

High PR Web 2.0 sites

1 wordpress.com 9
2 weebly.com 8
3 blogger.com 8
4 tumblr.com 8
5 typepad.com 8
6 tripod.lycos.com 8
7 posterous.com 7
8 jimdo.com 7
9 yola.com 7
10 squidoo.com 7
11 webs.com 7
12 sites.google.com 7


High PR Web 2.0 sites are the one of the best options inorder to gain high quality backlinks. This not only increases page rank but also help in SEO ranking.

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