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Have you ever wondered that how does Google makes revenues? Or how much revenues does Google makes? How does Google makes money from Enterprise Solution? All these questions would be very simple for those you have already used Google Adsense and other Google enterprise solutions. But for the new bies or for the new users these questions would be very interesting and important question to research or to discuss or to debate on the topic how does Google makes revenues?

Google Makes Revenues

Google Makes Revenues

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How Much Revenues Does Google Make?

Through lot of research papers that I read from the one of the reputed websites in the web I came across a picture that gives an idea about how does Google makes money.

Google Makes Revenues

According to a reports, the approximate revenues that Google make in a quarter is around 15-16 billion approximately of the total gross revenues. For exact figures refer to the investors official page. Basically when we try to get into the details of the break up of the earnings that the Google makes then most of its earnings comes from the advertisement. If we talk of advertisement then there are two sources from which the Google generate earnings i.e., the Google’s own sites and also from its network partner site i.e., Google Adsense . Google Adsense is a publisher network for the webmasters and website owners inorder to get partnered with Google for Ads for Google Ads inventory. If we talk about the earning through ads then that means the ads that publishers display on there websites is the source of the earning for the publisher and also for the Google Adsense. As the earnings that come through these ads are shared between the publisher and Google Adsense.

Google Makes Revenues

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The another advertising platform that is used by the Google for earning isGoogle Adwords. Majority of the time you might have used Google search engine for finding your results about a number of times. But have ever noticed that when your search result is displaced on the screen then there are some specific Text ads displaced on the right side of the search result. These are the ads that are displayed by Google Adwords on the basis of the search keyword that are used for searching. These ads are very much relevant to the searched topics. Now since these ads have relevance with your search then many a time you might click on these ads that will drive you to the third party website. Now these ads are shown on the basis of the cost per click which means if the users happen to click on these ads then the Google would earn fair amount of revenues from those ad clicks. So this is all about how Google makes money from the advertising sector. As the approximate contribution of advertisement on the Google earning is around 84% of the total earnings.

How does Google make revenue from Enterprise solution?

Despite of various advertising platform that Google has there are other different Google enterprises solution that Google consist of like Google maps, cloud computing,Google drives, Google docs, email services and social network.Actually what the thing is when you have to run a brand like Google then you can’t just let things happen you actually have to take care or develop a word class products which will help you develop loyal customers and also can make new relations or new customers along with retaining old once. The basic reason behind this is customer relation is that when you have a huge number of users come into your system then it will help you to gather vital information that could help you developing other paid services.

Google is also earning money from it another platform that is from its video sharing network i.e., You Tube. Where Google displays ads in form of text, banner and video. You Tube turns out to be the another cash cow for the company.

Google is a market leader in the mobile sector as it launches it android operating system for free even after licensing them. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make revenues from the this platform because the traffic that comes in the play store for android apps and the display of ads on that site.

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