Fidget Spinner: Why so Popular? Mind-blowing Facts of Fidget Spinner

Ever thought why fidget spinner so Addictive & Popular? Fidget spinner explains the world as ‘Must-have-a-toy’ as craze goes global.

If you have observed your children or internet recently, you might have noticed the increasing fidget-spinner craze among youngsters to new level.

Fidget spinners have taken away the children’s hearts globally. You might see small children as small as 1-2 yrs to young people trying hands on fidget spinners. It’s believed to be the year of Fidget Spinners as this toy gripped away children’s anxiety & attention across the UK, US and globally.

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What is the fidget spinner?

A fidget spinner is a toy designed to spin along its axis that fits in your hand easily. Fidget spinner is a small device having 2 parts – a central bearing and a 3 pronged rotational blade; central bearing provides grip to your index finger and thumb while rotational blade spins 360 degree around its axis when given flick with little effort.

Fidget spinner is also claimed to be helping people in relieving nervous energy or psychological stress. There are claims that a fidget spinner can also calm down people’s anxiety and other neurological disorders like ADHD and autism.

Why they are so addictive & popular?

Fidget spinners started gaining popularity from April 2017, although it’s hard to exactly determine how popular the fidget spinner is actually.

In 1993, similar devices in shape and design to fidget spinner was invented, but 2017 marked the year of spinning. E-commerce giant Amazon reported as one of the bestselling toys was Fidget spinners recently. You can say a large part of Fidget spinner’s appeal is the sensation that comes from holding a fast-spinning contraption. As you tilt it back and forth while it whirrs, you can feel the various spinning forces undulate in your hand.

Fidget spinners madness among children and teenagers rose to extreme level that forced some schools to ban use of the spinners in class for being a distraction, while some schools urged parents to avoid children from the toy.

According to a survey conducted by Alexi Roy and published in May 2017, 32% of the largest 200 American public and private high schools had banned spinners on campus. Even some of the best fidget spinners in India are banned in Schools. But one figure that grabs our attention was – 49 of the 50 best-selling toys on Amazon is fidget spinners and surprisingly the fidget cube is believed to its sibling.

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