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Hey my blogger friends, today blog commenting has become one of the most powerful tool to raise the  web traffic and SEO of  any website or blog. And mind it,blog commenting is not useful to blog owner only but also to blog commentor. Now with this tutorial I am going to tell you about how blog commenting leads to web traffic and SEO.

Necessity To Have Blog Comments on a Website

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Basically in these days Commentlv feature of blog commenting is used by most of the bloggers. I have found some very useful data that will definitely help you in understanding that how Blog commenting helps increasing the web traffic and SEO. I will take my own example, in some of my posts I was receiving near about 4 to 5 comments on daily basis, what I noticed is that as the comments are increasing on the post, the page ranking also increase at a good pace. Earlier there was only 1 to 2  keywords that were appearing and ranking on the 1st page of the Google, but with increase in comments on my blog, the ranking of the keywords as well as for other related keywords also it was improving.

Blog Commenting Leads to Web traffic and SEO

Blog Commenting Leads to Web traffic and SEO

Reason for Improving of Traffic and Keyword Ranking

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Friends, the most important thing that you need to make sure in case of allowing the comments on your blog is that, the comment must be related to the topic of your post in which the comment has been done. Never allow the spammers. Always approve those comments that either appreciate your post or has related keywords to the topic of your post. So the conclusion is that, allow valuable comments and the comments which consist of the related topic that will help to improve your blog and post ranking in search engines.

Disadvantage of giving Blog Commenting feature on the website

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The only disadvantage associated with adding the Blog Commenting feature is the broken links. Mind it, broken links are very dangerous for your website. So, do check the website or URL posted by the blog commentor. Make sure that the posted URL is not the broken one, it should be available and is working. You should also need to  track the broken links on your website. Remember, once you have approved comment with URL, in later period it gets expired or removed. So, the conclusion is that, you should track the broken links in your website from time to time.

Blog Commenting Leads to Web traffic and SEO

Blog Commenting Leads to Web traffic and SEO

Benefits of Blog Commenting on the other websites

The most important advantage of blog commenting on the other website is that, once you post , you should try to spread it to as many blogs or websites as you can. But make sure that, the website or blog belongs to your niche only. So, the advantage of this is that, your newly posted blog gets indexed in just few hours, receive fair amount of traffic on that blog through referring websites and blog sites.

That’s all!!! So do go through this tutorial and know how blog commenting can leads to Improving Web Traffic and SEO.

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