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Water is one of the most essential element on the planet Earth for the survival of everyone whether human beings, animals or any other organism. Now assume, if this water get contaminated then what will happen? Water contamination leads to several diseases and even cause death due to the diseases. Now the question arises, how to make sure that the water that we are consuming is safe for drinking? The answer to this are the water purifiers.

Water purifier kills all the harmful germs and bacteria from the water. If you think that the water that is coming from the tap at your home is clean and safe, then you are completely wrong. Water travels through the pipelines to your home. These pipelines are not cleaned for years, hence the dirt gets collected in the pipelines. Sometimes even rodents like rats and other insects are also found in the pipelines. I know, it is sounding quite gross but this is the reality in India. If you really want to stay healthy, the first step you should take is to install a water purifier at your home.

In India, near about 80% of the people are drinking contaminated water. This is the only reason that in India, tha patients of Cholera, Jaundice, Typhoid, Dysentry, etc are very common to found. Though water purifiers will burden your pocket but at the end your body will get clean and safe water to drink.

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Water purifiers in our list not only clean the water that your drink but also available in elegant design that makes your kitchen look beautiful. They have the transparent cover and also an indicator to check the water level. Most of the water purifiers have the RO UV technology that does the double purification of the water.

All these are water purifiers that have been extensively tried and tested by ourselves, so that we can bring to you genuine and authentic review about the top water purifiers in India you can buy right now. Without any delay, let’s start with our top 12 list of best water purifiers in India.

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Our top twelve standout water purifiers you can buy right now

Get Healthy water healthy life by installing water purifier at your home. Check out our list of best water purifiers in India for getting clean drinking water

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Best Water Purifiers To Buy Online in India

SaleBestseller No. 1
Aquafresh Swift 15 Ltr Mineral Ro+Uv+Tds Adjuster+Uf Water Purifier
  • Elegant design with transparent cover and purified water level indicator
  • Push fit components for leak proof performance
  • Double purification by RO and UV with TDS controller
  • Computer controlled operation with filter change alarm and UV fail alarm
  • Installation to be done by customer
SaleBestseller No. 2
Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS (White)
  • The regulator lets adjust the levels of TDS in the water manually to ensure you get healthy, safe and tasty drinking water
  • Comes with large up to 7 Ltrs Storage capacity
  • Easy to place on a countertop or wall mounted as per the requirement of the urban home
  • 6000 Litres Cartridge life
  • Capacity: 6000 liters
SaleBestseller No. 3
KENT Grand 11076 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (White)
  • Treatment by RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
  • Filter Change Alarm Tested By TUV SUD South Asia (P) Ltd
  • 8 liters storage tank
  • High purification capacity of 20 L/hour
  • In-built Auto-Flushing System
SaleBestseller No. 4
Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze 7-Litres Table Top/Wall Mountable RO+UV+MTDS Grey Water Purifier
  • Grey, Capacity: 7 liters tank, Power: 230 watts ; Input Water Temperature: 10 - 40°C and Operating Input Voltage: 150 V - 270 V AC/50 Hz, Material Tank Type- Food Grade Plastic
  • Can be used for TDS (200-2000). Please use a TDS meter to find out the correct TDS of your water source before buying a water purifier
  • Technology: Advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification, Electrical & Storage : Electric purification - suitable for areas with water shortage, The regulator lets adjust the levels of TDS in the water manually to ensure you get healthy, safe and tasty drinking water
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown out by the machine. It is encouraged to save the water in a container and use it for cleaning utensils, washing clothes.
  • Product Dimensions: 355 cms (Length) X 300 cms (Width) X 450 cms (Height) 1 Year Warranty Includes: Water Purifier, Installation kit and User manual
SaleBestseller No. 5
Faber Glaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT, 9 Liters, 8 Stage Mineral Water Purifier with Upto 2500 TDS, Black
  • RO membrane work upto 2500 TDS filtration limit
  • Water storage capacity 9 Litre
  • Filtration capacity: 13.5LPH
  • Smart energy saving mode: automatically turns off power once water tank is full
  • Water tank: ABS food grade plastic with germ block technology
SaleBestseller No. 6
AQUA Libra Water Purifer Ro+Uv+Uf+Tds Control New Technology Bags"(ALWP-04)
  • Automated Operation,Multi Stage Purification,Wide Water Level Indicator,Philips Uv Chock,Abs Food Grade Cabinet
  • Includes: Water Purifier, Installation kIT
  • Type: Electric with storage
  • 10 Liters Of Storage Capacity 12 Lph( Liters Per Hour) Delivery Capacity 3 Month All Inclusive Warranty India'S Largest Company-Owned Ro Service Network
SaleBestseller No. 7
Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF AR5BLAM01 7-Liter Water Purifier, Black
  • RO plus UF plus UV purification technology along with aqua taste boosterCapacity: 7 liters
  • Elegant looks complemented by superior performance
  • Alerts like purification alert, tank and low pressure alerts
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown out by the machine. It is encouraged to save the water in a container and use it for cleaning utensils, washing clothes.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
SaleBestseller No. 8
Aqua Ultra A1024 14 Stage RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + Auto TDS Controller Water Purifier Filter
  • Its Works Up to 3000TDS which gives 95% to 98% TDS removal, and It can purify water up to 20000 L
  • UV Filter It Provides Double Protection to the purified water kills bacteria and viruses
  • RO Membrane removes hardness of the water, filter out other impurities of the water and UV filter provides double protection to the purified water kills bacteria and viruses
SaleBestseller No. 9
Nexqua Dew Alkaline RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier with LG 2000 TDS Membrane Phillips UV (Black)
  • Drink pure water for healthy life. Branded UV (Phillips), High TDS LG Membrane and Alkaline (Bio+) for best in class purity.
  • 1 Year warranty on electrical parts
  • Paid installation by trained professional, please place installation request by contacting Nexqua Support.
  • Purify water input upto 2000 TDS (80 GPD high flow LG membrane)
  • Comes with a free Pre-filter, Installation tool kit.
SaleBestseller No. 10
R.K. Aqua Fresh India Zx14Stage Advanced Mineral Technology Ro Uv Uf Minerals Tds Adjuster Ro Water Purifier
  • Rk Aquafreshv Purifier Comes With Free Pre-Filter & All Fitting Accessories.(Put Inside The Storage Tank)
  • Removes Up To 80-90% Of Contaminants With Real Reverse Osmosis Technology With Excellent Quality Filters.
  • Storage-15Ltrs(Volumetric),Technology-Ro+Uv+Tds+Uf+Mineral Cartridges

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