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Best Laptops of 2016

The world is moving towards the digitization and hence people are looking for compact and portable devices that they can carry easily with themselves wherever they go.Laptops are one of the most compact and portable device with all the features and utility that you will be needing in this digitized world. Laptops have become an integral part in human being’s life ,though today Smartphones consist of almost all the features of PC, but still Laptop is far better preference of people as come with huge space, long battery back – up and immense features – a complete package for office as well as  for home purpose. Want to buy Laptop for your office or home purpose?What things you should kept in mind while going to purchase your laptop . Hard Disk, Processor, Size of Screen, RAM,Display, Battery Back up, portability and yes off – course the price of the laptop are the most important criteria that you should consider before giving your hard earned money. So, on the basis of this criteria TechGeck editor have come up with the list of best laptops of 2016.

Take your office work with your self , or take your family with yourself on business trip by making use of messaging and calling apps on your laptop. Entertain yourself with music and movies whenever you get bored. Play games on your laptop and enjoy the thrilling experience. Laptops – one of the easiest and lightest device full of all the features of PC or desktop. This curated list of best laptops provides you good value for your hard earned money.

We have 3 best curated list of best laptops of 2016 –

7 Best Laptop Brands 2015 – Reliable & most trusted Models

Best Laptop Brands 2015 - TechGeck List

Best Laptop Brands 2015 – TechGeck List

Looking for the most reliable and trusted laptop models? We are providing you with  the best laptops reviews based on the processor, hard disk, price, display.

5 Best Laptops Under $500 (January 2016)

best laptops 2016

We have come up with the researched and analyzed list of 5 best laptops under $500. The laptops presented in this list are the most reasonable and high performance laptop that you can get in such price.

Best Laptop Under $500 to Buy in 2015

best laptops under $500

Best Laptops under $ 500 that you must buy, reliable and most trusted models of laptops which provide you with the good value for your hard earned money. Best Laptops of 2016 Review.


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