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In summer season, insects like mosquitoes and flies irritate you while you sleep. Though they are very small in size, but they can make a person disturbed. If you are thinking of taking mosquito bite lightly then think again. They are small but they can effect your physical as well as mental health. So, today we going to share with you insect killer machine that will kill all these irritating insects and you can led a irritation free sleep.

Apart from this, flies also create great havoc in the house. They sit on eating items and makes it unhygienic to eat. Now the question is how to get rid of these small but very dangerous insects. The answer is simple, buy a mosquito killer machine for yourself.

So, what we’ve done, we have come up with best insect killer machines that first attracts all kinds of insects towards itself and then kill it. Well, we have also provided you with the best mosquito killer rackets. If you want a insect killer device at cheap price then you can go for it.

All the insect killer machine have been extensively tried and tested by ourselves, so that we can bring to you genuine and authentic review about the top insect killer machines in India you can buy right now.

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Our top ten standout mosquito killer machine you can buy right now

From killing harmful insects like mosquitoes and flies to keeping you healthy and fit, we come up with best mosquito killer machines that you can buy in India

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Best Insect Killer Machine To Buy in India

SaleBestseller No. 1
JIYANA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper Pest Control Anti Mosquito Killer Lamp Insect Trap Lamp Killer Home Living Room (Black or White Colour) (Assorted)
  • Light Source that Imitates Human Body: 365 nm bionic violet wave, Mosquito Killer Lamp use the human bionic technology to increase the attraction of mosquitoes for 60m². Accurately attract mosquitoes
  • Stereo Surround Trap: Three dimensional wrap and upgrade airflow vortex system, the mosquito killer light can suck any small insects like mosquito, moth, and small bugs into mosquito box
  • Mute Noise Reduction Optimization: = 45dB healthy mosquito control, it will not disturb your sleep at night. Enjoy your sweet dreams without harassment of mosquito
  • Don't need to spray any chemical mosquito repellent. No toxic, no chemical and no odor produce. It is healthier than traditional pest repellent or bug zapper, spray and incense. No harm for kids or pregnant woman's health and environment
  • USB Power Supply: The electronic mosquito zapper can be powered by any USB devices such as computer, power bank, laptop, phone charging adapter and so on. Can be used in bed-room, hall, hotel, office, travel, camping and any other place where needs killing mosquitoes
SaleBestseller No. 2
Zurato Ultrasonic Pest Repellent for Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Electronic Bug Repellent Reject Ant, Mosquito, Rate, Rodent, Insect, Bed Bug, Rodent, Lizard, Spiders, Fly, Pet Safe, Eco-Friendly
  • ✦LATEST CHIPS TECHNOLOGY TO REPEL PESTS AND RODENTS✦: This pest control ultrasonic repellent uses upgraded ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to repel mice, rats, spiders, ants, bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes,fruit flies, flea, crickets, gnats, insects and rodents, which is far better than normal ultrasound.
  • ✦SAFE FOR HUMAN AND PETS✦:The ultrasonic mosquito repellent is safe for humans, pregnant women, babies and pets, only drives pests away and keep your family safe.The electronic pest repellent is a nice alternative to having traps and drugs out especially with small kids.
  • ✦EASY TO USE&INCREDIBLE COVERAGE AREA✦: Just plug the best pest repellent in the wall outlet socket with simple touch and it can work with breathing LED lights on. The pest control ultrasonic repellent can be installed in varieties of places such as kitchens,basements, garages, attics, living rooms,bedrooms,bathrooms and so forth.
  • ✦DON'T MAKE ANY NOISE&LOW POWER CONSUMPTION✦: During its work time, the pest control ultrasonic repellent will offer you a quiet environment for you to work and sleep indoors.The total power consumption is low after several weeks of continuous work because its output power is low to 6 watts.
  • ✦Plug and Play✦ Plug the ultrasonic repeller in a power outlet and the LED light will power on. This insect repellent can effectively eliminate and drive away pests immediately without any mess. No cleaning up of dead rodents or insects. Recommend install ultrasonic pest reject to the socket about 20~30cm away from the floor.No battery required. Help you save a lot of costs.
SaleBestseller No. 3
BLOOM HOUSETM Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps Super Trap Mosquito Killer Machine For Home An Insect Killer Electric Mosquito Killer DeviceTrap Machine Eco-Friendly Baby Mosquito Repellent Lamp
  • This mosquito trap killer features 365nm bionic purple light wave trapping technology which mosquitoes have no resistance, pure physical way to kill mosquitoes efficiently.
  • Compact: mosquito killer lamp,very easy to carry and use, very convenient at home or travel
  • No chemicals: No more pesticides or harmful sprays.Useful bug zapper, It does not pose a threat to the health of humans or pets and is ideally suited where insecticides cannot be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals.
  • Dual use: can be used as a night light, saving power,electronic insect killer with soft blue light at night is more pleasing, and can eliminate all flying insects. Almost no noise, will not disturb your sweet dreams.
  • The operation is simple and widely used: just plug in the plug, press the button,it is a bug mosquito trap, the mosquito killer can work without noise! Home hospital kitchen warehouse can be used
SaleBestseller No. 4
Gopendra Electronic Home Pest & Rodent Repelling Aid for Mosquito, Cockroaches, Ants Spider Insect Pest Control Electric Pest Repelling Aid Magnetic Ultrasonic Indoor Rat Sensor
  • ⚡2020 Upgraded Smart Chip: The ultrasonic pest repeller keeps on emitting more powerful and non-repetitive ultrasound between 22-65 KHz to attack the auditory and nervous systems of pests, which makes the pests never become immune to the sound. Work well on mouse, cockroach, spider, bedbug, mosquitoes, insect, rat, rodent, flies, ant, fleas and more pests.
  • ⚡No Chemicals, Poisons or Traps: Ultrasonic mouse repellers work by producing tones which are inaudible to the human ear, but unbearable to mice and rats. You no longer have to worry about a child putting their hand in a trap or touching any poison. Ultrasonic mouse repellers won't hurt you, your dog, cat, or most other household pets.
  • ⚡EASY AND CONVENIENT TO USE: Simply plug the mice repellent into the electrical outlet, then the electronic pest repellent will start to drive pests out for good. Please install the pest repeller near the areas where the rat or pests might visit. 10-30 inches above from the ground is recommended for crawling pest, while higher for flying pest.
  • ⚡LARGE COVERAGE AREA &LONG LIFE : Density Collection pest reject is effective for an area up to 800~1200 Square Feet. Though the pest repeller works very well, but we recommend placing those sonic repellent in every room! Further, one rodent repellent can last for a couple of years, saving you hundreds of dollars in paying for exterminating pest control service.
  • ⚡[KEEP HUMANS & PESTS SAFE]: The ultrasonic pest repellent is only audible to pests such as mice. Humans and pets won't hear anything, and no harm to pregnant women and children. But if you keep hamster as a pet in your home, please do not use.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Godrej HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet - Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light (6 Months Warranty)
  • Contains 1 unit of electric anti mosquito Bat
  • Strong and Durable - made from aircraft grade ABS plastic
  • 6 Months warranty - Claim warranty by registering on the HIT website within 10 days of purchase
  • Long battery life - 400mAh rechargeable battery with up to 1 month of standby
  • Unique shape - Ensures better coverage for corners
SaleBestseller No. 6
iBELL Insect Killer Machine, OS231K, Bug Zapper Fly Catcher for Home Restaurants, Hotels & Offices
  • No spray, no smell, no poison, no fumes, no mess and no side-effect at all! Insect Killer Suitable for home,restaurants, hotels and office.
  • This unit is using high-quality ultraviolet bulbs to attract insect which is then, eliminated by the high voltage current which runs through electrified metal grids rear the bulbs. AC 220V-240V 50Hz 6Watts
  • Circuitry designed with limit of electric current,low energy loss and high efficiency
  • For Best usage: Keep the product away from strong light & wind. Best location is at the entrance of the doors or windows, keep 0.30 meters away from the wall.
  • 6 Months standard Warranty and additional 6 Months warranty on free registration
SaleBestseller No. 7
WANTRN Insect Killer Device 40 W Larger Coverage Machine (2 Feet)
  • Insect killer
  • 8, 000 Hour lamp life with a high powered killing grid
  • Wall mounted or no standing - hanging chain included
  • Removable catchment tray for dead insect bodies, easily cleanable without insect contact
  • Electric power: 39 watts / bulbs: philips tubes 2 pcs 18 watt blue colour uv bulbs (replaceable) 2 year manufacturer warranty - dimension (cm ): lxbxh - 65x10.8X30.3
SaleBestseller No. 8
JIYANA Upgraded USB Mosquito Killer Lamp, Indoor Bug Zapper Plug in, Electronic LED Light Insect Trap Pest Control with USB Power
  • SPECS:Made of security ABS material;Coverage Area:51-100 Square meters;Power Cord Length:Approx 108cm/42.52in;Product Size: about 12*21.5cm/4.72*8.46in
  • PRINCIPLE:368nm LED purple light with human bionic technology lures the mosquitoes.Strong air circulation system sucks the mosquitoes and traps them in the tray.When the mosquito is sucked into the capture grid, it is difficult to escape the powerful fan vortex that has been squeezed by the cyclone to the bottom of the mosquito tray. Let him die dehydrated and air dry
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC:Non-Radiation;No smell;Non-Toxic.It is safe to using in the living room and not harm to pregnant women, children or pets.Safer than traditional mosquito killers
  • CONVENIENT:More convenient power supply via standard USB charging cable. It can be connected to a mobile phone charging head and a laptop
  • PACKAGED INCLUDED:1PCS Mosquito Killer Lamp with USB charging cable
SaleBestseller No. 9
Hygiene 30W Ultra UV Tube Insect Killer Machine, Bug Catcher, Bug-Zapper, Repellent, Fly Swatter
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: All Hygiene Air Product Items Are Covered With 1 Year Off Site Warranty, So Rest Assured And Enjoy Your Clean Bug Free Environment. (warranty not applicable on tubes).
  • MAKE IN INDIA: Following The Make In India Campaign This Machine Is Completely Made In India, Unlike Other Insect Killers In The Market That Are Cheap Made In Chinese.
  • MODULAR SLEEK DESIGN: Hygiene Ultra Insect Killer Has The Most Unique And Beautiful Design, perfect For Your Home And Office. Ultra Slim, Ultra Light So Attractive
  • HIGH QUALITY ENGINEERING: Every Is Designed Very Precisely With a CNC Machine For Perfection.
  • IMPORTED COMPONENTS: The Hygiene Ultra Insect Killer Is Fitted With Imported Electric And Electronic Components For Long Life And Performance.
SaleBestseller No. 10
HEMJEX MUSQUATO Killer LAMP for Home an Insect Killer Mosquito Killer Electric Machine Mosquito Killer Device Mosquito Trap Machine Eco-Friendly Baby Mosquito Insect Repellent Lamp
  • Attract and Capture Mosquitoes(Killing of mosquito is subject to the size of room and the placement of product, It covers only a area of 100 sqft)
  • Attract and killing house flies,Kill bacterium
  • Get rid off harmful gases, Purifying air, Fashion and High efficient
  • Safe and nonopoisonous, Green and Environment Protected
  • Product should be placed atleast at 1 metre of height and Product can cover area of 10 sq-ft only

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