Top 10 Bluetooth Headphones (On Ear & Over the Ear) of 2017

We all love to listen music no matter where we are whether while traveling, jogging and reading books, these 10 Best Bluetooth headphones (On Ear & Over the Ear) of 2017 can guide you in buying best bluetooth headphone. No matter how lonely one feels but one of your best friend is music and to listen music all you need is a Bluetooth headphone. Now a days there are strict traffic rules which says that one cannot talk in phone while driving but you can easily talk to your friend while driving as by using bluetooth headphone you need not have to use your hands.

Well the usage of Bluetooth headphone are many and now a days companies are coming up with lots of new and advanced features in headsets. But many a time when we want to buy things and we get to too many options for it then in that case we get confused of and at times we tend to buy things that does not serve the purpose and later we feel that we had just simply wasted are money after buying that particular product.

List of 10 Best Bluetooth headphones of 2017 (On Ear & Over the Ear):

Just to save you from such type of situations here is a complete list of best Bluetooth headphone that have been ranked from 1 to 10 depending upon there features and value for money. Earlier we had posted article on best wireless headphones under $50 and best bluetooth headsets of 2017 to acquaint you with most reliable headsets available on market online.

1. Bluedio U (UFO) Bluetooth Wireless Headphone with Mic(Black) – $99.99

Bluedio UFO

Bluedio U (UFO) Bluetooth Wireless headphone


Bluedio U (UFO) Bluetooth headphone has come with the Bluetooth range of  V4.1 and can be operated from a distance. This headphone offers to battery life of 25 hours when you are listening to music and a battery life of 28 hours when you are on call. This headphone offers you a 8 driver to deliver you the best bass and it contains a small slot in which you can insert a micro SD card.

Review by verified customer:

Bluedio U (UFO) Bluetooth headphone are really cool headphones. Love the bluetooth OR wired option and also the fact that the headphones have a micro SD card for those times when my phone’s battery is fading.

Being over 50, not sure I’m a great judge of the sound quality, but as a long time owner of the Bose noise-canceling version, these sound every bit as good. And, they’re less than half the price and with FAR more features.

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2. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth headphone – $79.99


Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Headset

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth headphone


Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth headphone with a bluetooth version of 4.0 that offers you a battery life of 12 hours whether you are on call or listening to music after you have fully charged the battery of your headphone. This headphone contains a 50mm drivers that offers you high quality sound without any noise or disturbance and can easily control the sound of the music and calls.

Review by verified customer:

Best. Headphones. Ever!
I’m very selective with my headphones, and these are perfect!

Comfort: The box says that they have “ear pillows”. This this regard, Skullcandy is not kidding. These headphones are VERY comfortable. Since I have very small ears, I like that the pillows have circular speakers instead of oval speakers – my ears fit in them well.

Durability: The headphones are also sturdy. With just enough adjustable points (but not too many), they hold up nicely. The only negative here is that when I try to wear them around my neck, they seem a little bit tight. Also, with sturdiness comes weight. They are a little bit heavy.

Sound range: I tested the range, and I can easily move around the house and yard without the connection cutting out.

Recharging: The micro USP port is carefully hidden in the crook of the ear pad. Be prepared to not listen while charging.

Pairing: The headphones were very easy to pair with an iPhone 5 and a MacBook Pro. If you are wearing the headphones while pairing, they even say “pairing” and “connected” as the connection is made.

Noise Canceling: These work very well with noise canceling.

Look: Sleek black look with chrome accents.

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3. Sentey Bluetooth headphone – $29.99


Sentey Bluetooth Headset

Sentey Bluetooth headphone


Sentey Bluetooth headphone is the best bluetooth headphone having built in Mic that helps in handling it without using your hand.

This Bluetooth headphone can be operated from a distance of 10mm and has the a Bluetooth V4.0 and it is also having Omnidirectional microphone that helps in talking without using your hands. While you are listening to the music or talking in phones then it offers a battery life of around 8 hours.

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4. Sony MDR-ZX770BN Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones (Blue) – NEW – $169.99

Sony MDR –ZZ770BN Bluetooth Headset

Sony MDR –ZZ770BN Bluetooth headphone


Sony MDR- ZZ770BN Bluetooth headphone offers you best noise cancellation feature along with 13 hours battery life while you are listening to the music.

This headphone has lots of features like you can easily get connected to other device by a single click and Bluetooth Audio Streaming with AAC and you can get best beats in 40mm drivers.

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5. Zealot Genuine Bluetooth headphone – $36.99

Zealot Genuine B5 Bluetooth Headset

Zealot Genuine B5 Bluetooth headphone


Zealot Genuine B5 Bluetooth headphone is the best wireless headphone that has a built-in Mic wireless headphone and has a battery life of  8 hours either you are talking on phone or you are listening to music and you can connect it from a distance of 10 mm.

This headphone supports radio and TF card and also help in cancelling the noise that offers you high quality sound without any kind of disturbance while calling or listening to music.

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6. Impecca Bluetooth Stereo Bluetooth headphone – $19.99

Impecca Bluetooth Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Impecca Bluetooth Stereo Bluetooth headphone


Impecca Bluetooth Stereo headphone is the best bluetooth headphone that supports from a distance of 26 feet that also contains a small slot for micro SD card. This Bluetooth headphone has a button in it from which you can easily control the music system and has a built-in rechargeable battery.

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7. Esonstyle Foldable Bluetooth headphone – $19.99

Esonstyle Foldable Bluetooth Headset

Esonstyle Foldable Bluetooth headphone


Esonstyle Foldable Bluetooth headphone is one of the most popular and reliable wireless headphone that is having Bluetooth version 3.0 and can be operated from a distance of 10mm and offers you features like answering Incoming call and handfree talking.

It is having a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery and can be controlled via a single button that  serves the purpose of receiving calls, rejecting calls and dialing calls and can also pause and play and change the songs easily.

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8. AKG K618DJ Bluetooth headphone – $66.43

AKG K618DJ Bluetooth Headset

AKG K618DJ Bluetooth headphone


AKG K618DJ Bluetooth headphone is the eight best bluetooth headphone that can be folded due to its 3D axis design and has closed back end design that makes it easy while you are traveling. This headphone his very light weighted and comfortable in carrying and offers you high SPL capability for all the powerful songs.

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9. Bluedio R Plus Bluetooth headphone – $89.99

Bluedio R Plus Bluetooth Headset

Bluedio R Plus Bluetooth headphone


Bluedio R Plus Bluetooth headphone with Bluetooth V4.0 and can be operated from a distance of 10 mm. This headphone contains a rechargeable battery that last for a period of 28 hours when you are on call and when you are listening to music then you can operate it for a period of 25 hours. You can also play songs directly from the SD Card and it contains 8 drivers that delivers you the best bass.

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10. Beats Studio Bluetooth headphone – $118.99

Beats Studio Bluetooth headset

Beats Studio Bluetooth headphone


With Beats Studio Wireless Over Ear Headphones or headphone with which you can connect with your Headphone from a range of 30 feet without any kind of problem or difficulty in connecting with the device just listen to the music or enjoy calling.

You can listen to music for  about a period of 12 hours or more and when you are connected to the power like some audio device then for about a period of 20 hours. It also contains a dual mode adaptive noise cancellation feature that maintains clear sound while using this headphone.

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