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Best guide for how to backup notes and memos for your android enabled smartphone and tablet

World is fast moving with opening avenues for the new generation devices to come in to our life to make our life easy. Each year, we can see the new updated versions of Android for your smartphones or tablet. Most of our important data, we store in the form of notes and memos, which is stored in our device. But while going for any updates or rooting process it becomes essential to backup notes and memos, so that they could be restored in case of any loss of data while going for an update.

So in this article, we would be learning about how we can backup notes and memos of our android device. While going through different apps available in Google Play Store, we founded out the amazing app for backing up notes and memos named Catch Notes.

Catch Notes is basically a note taking android application that comes featured bundled with reminders, notes, checklists, voice memos and more. It is efficiently designed to take care of your ideas are saved such that they can be shared with your friends easily and also you can easily keep a track of your ideas while on a move.

Catch Notes also takes care of your privacy giving you option to make your ideas be privately saved in your device.

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Features of Catch Notes for Android – Backup Notes and Memos


  • Easily create new notes with text, voice or images, online or offline
  • Add multiple voice recordings and multiple images to any note
  • Scan product barcodes to capture gift ideas
  • Email notes in by sending them to
  • Use browser extensions to save URLs and web discoveries




  • Collect your notes into personal spaces for future review
  • Use inline #tagging to organize and find your notes easily
  • Automatically backup notes for free across all Android devices and on the web with secure sync to
  • Passcode protect your notes with a 4-digit PIN
  • Filter notes by chronology, multiple tags, priorities and more


  • Dive into personal spaces as you develop your ideas
  • Create shared spaces for secure, private collaboration
  • Invite friends and colleagues to contribute their own content

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Download Catch to Backup Notes and Memos for Android

Below is the download link for downloading Catch Notes to save your data from loosing while going for an update or rooting of your android smartphone and tablet.

Download Catch Notes.apk from here

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