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 Apple Special Event 2015 came with so many cheers for the Apple lovers with iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro and most importantly the all new companion Apple Pencil. Chief Design Officer of Apple Inc. – Jony Ive introduced this new product with his voice over video that was projected in the September Special Event 2015 recently. He said that Apple Pencil is specially designed for the iPad Pro to increase the precision & enrich the interface experience for the Apple iPad Pro users. With Apple Pencil the primary focus of the interaction of touch will be revolutionized as it is built with highly responsive senses to provide you with incredible true writing experience.

Apple Pencil is designed to look and feel like a familiar tool as it delivers something really extraordinary. You can write, draw, color, paint, design & almost do everything that one could think beyond the traditional pencil. It is responsive, incredibly designed with battery lasting hours like years. You can also see Apple Pencil First Look – 20+ photos of Apple Pencil that you can’t resist without seeing them.

Apple Pencil First Look 1

Apple Pencil Features & Specifications:

With the announcement of Apple Pencil, it is obvious for you to know its incredible features & specs before buying this product with iPad Pro.

Multitouch & New Level of Precision

iPad Pro multitouch

Apple iPad Pro Multitouch & Precision enhanced with Apple Pencil

Now with Apple Pencil you can feel the splendor experience while using your iPad Pro. The development of iPencil began with the reengineering of the multitouch sub-system of the display and stylus with optimal accuracy.

With Apple iPad Pro & use of this Apple Pencil provides you such a high level of precision that you can even touch a single pixel.

Highly Responsive Senses

Apple Pencil - Tip on Apple Ipad Pro Display

Apple Pencil – Tip on Apple Ipad Pro Display

It has highly responsive senses which provides you experience like never before. The tip of this pencil makes it different from ordinary stylus or digital pen. It is built to deliver high level of precision to cater core value from its customers.

Find Exact Positions

Apple Pencil for Designing

Apple Pencil for Designing Purposes

You can find exact position of your working on the display screen with this pencil. Find accurate x-axis, y-axis position for getting precision like never before.

Detect Exact Force

Apple Pencil Deep Press for Dark Ink

Apple Pencil to detect exact force you applying on Display screen.


Detect Tilt Angle

Apple Pencil to detect Tilt angle

Apple Pencil to detect Tilt angle

With this new revolutionary product from Apple, you can even find the tilt angle of your tip while working. Wether you are creating 45 degree angle or say 90 degree from your tip, this small pencil takes cares with high precision.

Battery lasts for hours of Years

Apple Pencil Charge with Ipad Pro

Apple Pencil charge with Apple iPad Pro

You can work for hours with this Pencil without worrying for its battery. It is built to provide you with the freedom of working and let pencil do the rest. You can charge it by just plugging in with iPad Pro with the lightening connector.

15 seconds charging of Apple Pencil = 30 minutes of working of Apple Pencil

Unique Tip Signature

Apple Pencil 12
With carefully engineered technology, you get unique tip signature that allows you to use simultaneously with finger. It captures more pixels with single stroke.

You press lightly for lighter strokes, and harder for darker strokes. Signals emitted from 2 locations in the tip calculate the orientation for broad or shaded strokes.

Draw, Paint, Color the World like Never Before

Paint & Color like never before with Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil Fill Colors

Color up your drawings with Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil and Painting Coloring


Apple Pencil Price Details:

Apple Pencil is priced at $99 which is the perfect accessory for your iPad Pro that enhances the new level of multi-touch and higher level of precision & accuracy.

The iPad Pro with Apple pencil is going to take your process paperless for the first time. Company has come up with this combination as an epitome product for the enterprises and business arena . Apple has tried to woo the corporate market and gadgets with a bigger screen appeal to professionals to swap from laptops to tablet. It is expected to roll over the market later this year in the month of November in US Markets.

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