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The innovation giant Apple Inc has launched its one of the most awaiting and innovative product Apple iPad Pro. At last  Apple has launched its most buzzed and most rumored product today. Apple iPad has always offered a simple but very immersive experience. And as Tim Cook has said ” this is the biggest news for the iPad since the iPad” and iPad Pro definitely stand over this statement of Tim Cook as now it has a 12.9 inch retina display with aluminium casing and curved edges. The iPad Pro is designed with lot of attention and delicacy which gives it stunning looks.

Apple iPad Pro First Look

iPad Pro first Look and Review

iPad Pro first Look and Review


iPad Pro features highest Resolution

iPad Pro

Yes, Apple iPad Pro is configured with 5.6 million pixels which is the highest resolution retina display of an iOS device ever made or launched, which is in itself a great record. And with a biiger screen of 12.9 inches you can do whatever you want to do with it – design your presentations, play games, run your business with your hand, anything you can do in most simpler and easiest manner. The multi – touch system has been reinvented and redesigned for making the interaction more user-friendly. You can also see how you can even touch a single pixel also by using its specially designed accessory Apple Pencil. We earlier wrote about it soon after its announcement on 9 September,Everything You Want to Know about Apple Pencil (Price, Features & Specifications) with detailed review from Apple Special Event 2015.

Most Powerful chip is placed inside iPad Pro

iPad Pro - A9X Chip

In Apple iPad Pro, A9X chip is placed which is a third – generation chip accompanied with the 64-bit desktop class architecture. The performance of the Chip is 1.8 times the CPU performance and the graphics performance is double the performance of that of the iPad Air 2. So now you need to worry about the complicated and demanding apps as the most complicated app also run smoothly on the iPad Pro.

An intuitive operating system

iOS 9 is the operating system which has been loaded in the iPad Pro. It has a very unique feature of multitasking which means that you can run two apps simultaneously which makes it more productive and creative. You can say that Apple iPad Pro and iOS 9 has been designed for each other as they compliment each other with respect to every aspect.

Slim and Light Design

iPad Pro - slim and light design


With its 12.9 inches screen which in itself very huge, it supports its secret weapon Apple Pencil. Surprisingly Apple iPad Pro has very slim and light design as it is only 6.9 mm thin and  its weight is 1.67 pounds only. This implies that you can take it anywhere with lot of ease as it will disappear in your hand.

Incredible in-built Cameras

Everyone loves to take photos, so iPad Pro has two in-built incredible cameras, one is insight and second is Facetime HD. The inSight camera has an advanced sensor which provides sharp and beautiful images and videos. In front there is Facetime HD camera which takes the video calling to an another level. Even in low – light your videos and images look spectacular.

Apple iPad Pro Prices

iPad Pro Prices

I hope till now, you have already gone through the above mentioned features and highlights of Apple iPad Pro. Now you will be very curious to know it’s prices, then friends the prices of Ipad Pro are starting from $799. Different iPad Pro Models have different prices.

  • iPad bPro with 32 GB capacity costs $799
  • iPad Pro with 64 GB capacity costs $949
  • iPad Pro with 128 GB capacity costs $1079

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