Alpatronix HX 100 Wireless Headphones Review

  • Alpatronix HX 100 Wireless Headphones Review
  • Alpatronix HX 100 Wireless Headphones Review
  • Alpatronix HX 100 Wireless Headphones Review

Alpatronix HX 100 wireless headphones are one of the most versatile headphones designed ever. These headphones works both as audio streaming headphones as well as hands free calling headset. With Alpatronix HX  100 headphones,  you don’t need your smartphone every time. As just with these headphones you can perform variety of functions with use of your phone.

Moreover, alpatronix hx 100 headphones are available in two different colors, midnight black and electric blue. This device connects to any bluetooth device instantly and has a range up to 30 feet. This enables you to go anywhere your house without taking the phone or the Bluetooth device with you.

At the same time, the device offers you with  9 hours of playtime and talktime. In addition, there are soft padded earphones to provide you with comfortable hearing of music for over a long period of time. The device comes with intuitive controls. On the headset there are buttons to place or pick call. You can also handle your music. As there are volume buttons to adjust the volume of the songs. Also you can stop, play, pause, rewind according to your preference.

Alpatronix HX 100 Wireless Headphones

  • Quickly connects to the Bluetooth device for the first time.
  • Solid built with long range of connection.
  • Alpatronix headphones works both as streaming headphones as well hands free calling device.
  • 9 long hours of playback and talk time.
  • Very intuitive controls through which you can not only adjust the level of the volume but also customize your music.

  • Little bit tight when you put them on your ear.

For any wireless headset, its very important that it should have long battery back up. Otherwise what would the use of it, if it doesn’t act like one.Alpatronix HX 100

Therefore, keeping this in mind, Alpatronix has come up with 9 long hours of battery back up. So now listen your favorite music no matter your device is not beside you.

Battery is rechargeable with fast charging technology in-built.

In case you still need more and your battery runs out,  then you need not to worry about.

Well, these wireless bluetooth headphones are over ear headphones and provides you with amazing sound quality. You feel like you are listening the music in real.

Cushioned ear pillows and telescopic adjustable over the ear band which makes it quite comfortable to wear for long hours.

Also there are high fidelity microphones that exclude  daily ambient sounds enable hands free calling at home or while walking down a busy street. All these features makes it a good competitor to Ausdom M04 wireless headphones.

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Alpatronix HX 100 Versatile Headsets and Wireless Headphones


Alpatronix HX 100 Wireless Headphones Review

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Alpatronix provides a variety of electronic accessories including wireless Bluetooth speakers, audio accessories and much more for you devices.

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Alpatronix HX 100 Wireless Headphones Review

Alpatronix HX 100 are the most versatile wireless headphones. Rich quality sound, elegant design and cheap price makes them best for you.

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